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Windows screensaver is a steal for you and your homies

Windows screensaver is a steal for you and your homies

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Rockstar Games

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GTA: San Andreas Homeboys is a screensaver from Rockstar's classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game that'll give a touch of nostalgia to your cell phone. It's an easy-to-install screensaver that rotates through two images just like the opening credits of the game.

It's easy to see why anyone would want this screensaver if you've played the game. Rockstar released San Andreas back in 2004, a game that reached critical acclaim. Its storyline is focused around the protagonist CJ, as he's called back to Los Santos after he hears of his mother's murder. He's reunited with his family and old friends, members of the formerly influential Grove Street Families gang, which is currently in a state of disrepair due to gang violence. The gang features strong characters with distinct personalities. These characters include Ryder, Big Smoke, and CJ's brother Sweet Johnson, and each has their own character arc. It's up to the player to lead the Grove Street Families to victory over the city's rival gangs, the Ballas and Vagos. From there, the game will fully open up as the player discovers a richly detailed world full of corrupt cops, rival shadowy organizations who rule through terror and violence, all enveloped in a fantastically complex storyline full of dark humor and action-packed mayhem.

Apart from the setting and storyline, San Andreas was loved for the sheer amount of freedom it gave to players. There weren't any "invisible walls" (i.e., boundaries set around the extremities of the environment that prevent the player from passing) to run into. The removal of these boundaries allowed the player to roam freely around the city. You have the option of following the main storyline, simply causing havoc in the populace or playing the addictive side missions. There were a huge amount of cars to steal that could then be customized to the players tastes. Car customization features included the nitro boosts, paint jobs, and speed upgrades.

After upgrading a car, the player could take it out for a cruise in the city, running over NPCs (non-playable characters, usually civilians or cops) and causing general mayhem. For players that were good enough, they'd be able to avert the police long enough for them to get fed up and call in the army to help deal with your destructive actions. You'd be racing through the city dodging road blocks, helicopters, and even tanks.

However, cars weren't the only thing you could customize. This was the first GTA game that allowed players to customize their character with things such as different hairstyles by visiting in-game barbershops, tattoos from tattoo parlors, and life weights at the local gym. Working out in the gym increased the player's size as well as melee strength and sprint capability, as well as unlocked additional combat moves.

It was one of the most popular video games for its time, and choosing this screensaver is a good conversation piece to find fellow fans of the game.


The screensaver looks just like the starting screen for the GTA: San Andreas game.

It's super easy to download and install

Very pleasing and sleek style


Somewhat repetitive

Not many options for customization

Screenshots of GTA: San Andreas Homeboys